Iran’s exports surpass $6 bln in two months


 Iran’s exports Increase


TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran’s exports totaled $6.427.713 billion over the first two months of Iranian calendar year (March 21 - May 20), $1.562 billion of which have been sent to China, Iran’s Customs Organization tally showed.

China with $1.565.510 billion imports stands as Iran’s first largest market during the period.

The country is followed by the UAE with $1.175.772 billion, Iraq with $979.694 million, South Korea with $575.334 million, India with $499.146 million, Afghanistan with $375.209 million, Turkey with $256.400, Oman with $180.545 million, Japan with $123.575 million and Pakistan with $117.583 million.

Based on the figure, Iran’s exports to China rose by 6.22 percent over the first two months of the Iranian calendar year.

Iran’s exports to South Korea increased by 961 percent, to Oman by 721 percent, to Pakistan by 19.35 percent and to India by 6.35 percent.

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