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The Novinidea assists investors and industrialists and merchants to have latest news about Iran to do more intelligent business in Iran.

Our goal is making it easy to reach categorized news from many different newspapers, news agencies in the form of a news pack. This can be a big time saver, and also a quick and easy way to keep updated with the news that matters most to you.

Our activities include collecting, classifying, translating and delivering news regularly and according to the contract daily, weekly or monthly in English or Persian. The Novinidea cover all areas of industry and commerce.

Our mission is to provide classified news in shortest possible time and best quality.

The product has three parts: News in a specific industrial field according to your request, Macroeconomics and Political news, but we are flexible to cover your needs.

We hope our activities lead to expand economics and commercial relationship between Iran and the other countries.

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Tehran, Iran

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